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The flower is a final greeting without words and flowers have therefore always played an important role in funerals and

played a role in coping with grief.

Flowers provide comfort when we accompany a loved one on his or her final journey.

With flowers, the bereaved can

also their appreciation, their great solidarity, love and friendship

show directly last time.

Usually, individual flowers or small bouquets are thrown into the open grave. Order arrangements and wreaths

the bereaved. They usually lie grouped around the coffin.

Talk to us.

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funeral floristry.

At a funeral, flowers are just as
an integral part of the ceremony,
like the devout funeral oration,
a picture of the deceased or
the funeral wreath.

But which types of flowers are suitable for a funeral?
In fact, many more flowers have a concrete meaning than most
know about us. It is not for nothing that there is
the sayings “To tell someone something with flowers” and “Let flowers speak”.

Funeral flowers do not have to be "sad" at all. The occasion itself is enough. That is why we like to use flowers that give hope in our bouquets and arrangements. Colorfully mixed with muted colors. Eye-catching flower types
with more solid ones.

In this way we reflect the character of the deceased and support the memory of this loved one, our customers tell us again and again.

We will of course be happy to advise you on
the right choice of flowers.


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