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Of course, you can decorate with flowers from the gas station. But you certainly won't win a flowerpot.

Therefore - let us TOGETHER
be creative.

Why just put vases on the table? Turn them into hanging gardens!

Or an old mason jar can be a perfect companion for a ranunculus bouquet.

Or why not transform floral napkin rings or a cake stand into the perfect floral partner.

You see - there are ideas and we have plenty of them. See for yourself!

Whether for hotels, bistros, restaurants. Whether table decorations, flowers for guests or an arrangement in front of the entrance. We know what is right for every occasion and every task.

Do you have a company, a reception, a conference room and good customers?

We decorate your entrance and your business premises, also on

Subscription basis and change the decorations at pre-agreed intervals.

And a quick, floral present for a good customer is no problem either.

By the way - we also have a range of decorative items available to rent for a small fee. Please feel free to contact us about this. Just give us a call.

We are looking forward to it!

DECORATIONS AND GIFTS | Schorndorf | GGreiner Flower Boutique


DECORATIONS AND GIFTS | Schorndorf | Greiner Flower Boutique

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