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We don’t want to compete with the big, well-known plant suppliers.

Not even with those who sell these plants in supermarkets, gas stations or other mass locations.

We want to offer our customers


because we have always felt obliged to do so.

That's why we only have a small range of indoor and outdoor plants on site.

But you get everything you want for your home or garden.

Ask us!

We advise you as always

very gladly!

You just feel better with flowers
and plants around them.

Don't you feel the same way?

And what could be nicer than enjoying your home and garden full of beautiful plants!

Transform your garden,
the balcony or terrace into your own little paradise through the most beautiful
Flowers and plants from us.

Or your house with flowering houseplants and easy-care succulents
with flowers of tropical orchids
to trendy hanging plants.

As always, we are happy to advise you
and completely individual!


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