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Wedding planning starts with choosing the right florist and getting advice from them. What is the use if the other person only wants to sell but doesn't really care about the wishes and needs of the wedding couple?
Therefore, you should invest a little more time and perhaps a little more money in making the right choice. Because ultimately,
it is truly an investment
i n your future!

Speaking of advice:

Also remember that in addition to the bridal bouquet and the floral decorations for the car, church, flower girls, etc., the room decorations and table decorations at the actual celebration should also match the other floral decorations that the florist has used.

Speaking of decoration & room decoration:

We are also happy to lend you appropriate decorations, vases, vessels and much more for a small fee.

This will help you here too

and you save money too.

Please feel free to contact us about this.

We are happy to pass this experience on to you. Let us advise you in detail and inspire you so that your most beautiful day is truly

deserves this name.

We look forward to your call, because we are completely "crazy" about these exciting, most beautiful days in the life of a bride and groom!


WEDDING FLORISTRY | Schorndorf | Greiner Flowers Boutique

WEDDING FLORISTRY | Schorndorf | Greiner Flowers Boutique

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