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BOUQUETS | Schorndorf | Greiner Flower Boutique

Blumenarrangements für jeden Anlass


Our basis is always fresh and healthy flowers and plants, because this is essential for magnificent and individual arrangements that you should enjoy for a long time .

Whether filled tulips, carnations, lilies, roses or sunflowers – with every type of flower you can create magical and completely individual flower arrangements according to your wishes.

Check out some examples in our picture gallery below and

let yourself be inspired.

Each container was individually designed based on our advice and

Manufactured according to customer requirements.

When can we be creative for you ?


Really every celebration and every occasion can become something very special with beautiful and thoughtful flower arrangements. Whether it is a wedding, birthday or a reunion

after a very long time.

Such beautiful, significant and

These beautiful flower arrangements give you moments to remember

a special shine and

a special flair.

Flowers are something very special and wonderful.

BOUQUETS | Schorndorf | Greiner Flower Boutique

BOUQUETS | Schorndorf | Greiner Flower Boutique

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